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Transforming industries through innovative digital solutions.

10000+ Women

Screened using SEVIA for early detection of cervical cancer across Tanzania.

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software development projects

Flex Super App

A unified platform integrating chat, shopping, and financial services.


Improving financial management for small businesses owners.

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SkyConnect is a social enterprise driven to create innovative solutions for today's challenges. We harness the power of research, technology, and collaboration to deliver impactful change across various sectors, including healthcare and enterprise.

Our team excels in integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and data analysis into user-friendly systems.

Our Services

Transformative Solutions, for a Better Tomorrow

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Transformative Technology Solutions

At SkyConnect, we leverage the transformative power of technology to develop innovative solutions tailored to the digital age. Our core offerings include:

  • AI & Data Analysis Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Money Solutions
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Sector-Specific Innovations

SkyConnect is at the forefront of creating impactful solutions tailored to distinct sectors, ensuring meaningful progress and empowerment. Our dedicated focus areas include:

  • Public Health Solutions
  • Youth Empowerment Initiatives
  • Enterprise Solutions
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Impactful Project Initiatives

SkyConnect is dedicated to making a substantial impact through specialized projects that address critical needs and foster community development. Our project-centric approach includes:

  • Disease Screening & Diagnostics
  • Data-Driven Decision Support
  • Community Engagement & Education
Project Spotlight


Smartphone Enhanced Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (SEVIA) a digital solution for detecting cervical cancer at an early stage.

  • Innovative Screening Technology
  • Expert Support and Quality Assurance
  • Widespread Impact and Adoption
  • Utilizes both AI and remote Oncology
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Women Screened

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Reduction in False Positives

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New App Improves Cervical Cancer Screening in Tanzania

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